10 Best Driving Schools in North Carolina | 2022

Being the 9th most populous state in the U.S, North Carolina is home to several institutions of learning; driving schools inclusive.

Driving schools in North Carolina offer every student – whether new or experienced – individualized training that’ll help them in becoming professional, experienced, and confident drivers.

Driving schools in NC take students through a lot of things about driving, which include handling challenging driving situations, the safety of other road users, as well as traffic compliance. 

Read on as we provide you with a list of the 10 best driving schools in North Carolina. We’ll also be answering common questions relating to driving schools in North Carolina.

How Do I Choose the Right Driving School in North Carolina?

When choosing a driving school in NC, you need to be extra conscious. Yeah, conscious! Why? – Because all driving schools don’t offer exactly the same stuff. Hence, there are certain things you need to look out for in order to choose the right driving school for you.

Firstly, you should look out for quality. Even though all driving schools in North Carolina preach about how well their training are, some outmatch the rest. 

Look out for the instructors’ experience levels and teaching styles. Do they go fully into the traditional method or is there only online training? Are there private training sessions? What about if you make mistakes, are they patient or aggressive?

Furthermore, you should check your pocket before you choose. While getting a good driving school is beneficial, attending a very expensive driving school in NC mightn’t be necessary.

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How Much Are Driving Lessons in North Carolina?

Averagely, a driving lesson in North Carolina costs $60 to $700 per student – depending on the hours involved. However, this price range covers services like classroom training and door-to-door pickup. Extra charges may apply depending on the driving school’s payment policies.

How Long Is Driving School in North Carolina?

For you to get a learner’s permit or driver’s license in North Carolina, you must take the Driver Ed course. This course takes an approximate total of 36 hours; 6 hours of behind-the-wheel lessons and 30 hours of classroom lessons.

Best Driving Schools in North Carolina

If you’re in North Carolina, seeking to attend a driving school where you can develop or add to your driving skills, this article is for you. Below are some of the best driving schools in North Carolina:

  • Jordan Driving School, Inc.
  • Learn 2 Drive Driving School, LLC
  • East Coast Driving School
  • Guilford Driving School, Inc.
  • Safety Driving School NC
  • Above Average Driving School Inc.
  • Professional Driving School NC
  • A Diamond Driving School
  • All Around Driving School
  • Ace Driving School

#1. Jordan Driving School, Inc.

Located in Garner, NC, Jordan Driving School offers students training with regard to their desired qualifications. They provide teen classes as well as driver’s education for interested students. Their instructors have also been gaining a lot of positive reviews so, you’ll be in safe hands.

The school’s rated 4.6/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#2. Learn 2 Drive Driving School, LLC

The school’s 7+ years of expertise in training drivers – including adults and teens – has earned it positive reviews from all and sundry. The school environment is safe and conducive. 

Unlike the long-existing tradition of male instructors, Learn 2 Drive enjoys the services of qualified and experienced female instructors. The school’s rated 4.9/5 stars on Google Reviews. 

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#3. East Coast Driving School

For over a decade, East Coast Driving School – located in Wilmington – has been dedicated to teaching drivers how to be professional and confident behind the wheels. The school’s curriculum is approved by the Division of Motor Vehicle, North Carolina, and they accept both adults and teens. 

New drivers are also welcome at the school as they’ll be taught safe driving, traffic codes, and all other necessities. The school’s rated 4.9/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#4. Guilford Driving School, Inc.

Guilford Driving School is located in Greensboro, NC. For over two decades, the school has been producing professional and confident drivers. Services at the school include adult tutorials, truck driver training, as well as private tutorials. Due to the school’s excellent training programs, it’s earned 5/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#5. Safety Driving School NC

At Safety Driving School, provisions are made for teen lessons and the driver ed course. The school’s situated in Raleigh, NC, where students undergo detailed driver’s training from experienced instructors. 

Also, it’s accredited by the Motor Vehicle Division in NC and is rated 4.8/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#6. Above Average Driving School Inc.

Whether you’re interested in private tutoring or classroom training or behind-the-wheel lessons, this school will take care of you and your needs. They offer services like teen lessons, defensive driving training, and driver education classes.

The school’s located in Durham, NC, and is rated 4.9/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#7. Professional Driving School NC

At Professional Driving School, students enjoy simplified driving lessons from experienced teachers. The school offers quite a number of courses which include teen and adult classes, defensive driving classes, and road test prep.

The school’s located at Huntersville, NC, and is rated 4.3/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#8. A Diamond Driving School

From the basics of driving to the more complex parts, this school’s ready to help you. It’s accredited by the NC Division of Motor Vehicles and they offer courses like teen and adult training, defensive driving training, and door-to-door pickup.

Interestingly, they accept handicapped drivers as well as students with disabilities like ADHD and Multiple Sclerosis. The school’s located at Charlotte, NC, and is rated 4.5/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#9. All Around Driving School

With more than a decade in the business, this driving school hasn’t relented in providing its best services. Located in Durham, NC, the school offers both teen and adult training, behind-the-wheel training, and private tutorials. 

So far, the school has been getting lots of positive reviews – thanks to its qualified, experienced, and understanding instructors. It’s rated 5/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#10. Ace Driving School

If you’re in need of your driver’s license or you just feel like icing up your driving skills, Ace is for you. Located at Indian Trail, NC, the school offers individualized training to every student; thus, building their confidence on the road. 

They offer behind-the-wheel training, teen/adult training, private classes, as well as online classes. You really don’t want to miss this school. It’s rated 4.6/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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Truck Driving Schools in North Carolina

Do you fantasize about driving a truck? Or you’re acquainted with common cars and you want to step up your game by driving trucks? Well, North Carolina’s got you.

Driving trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles required serious training. This is to become more experienced and professional while ensuring your safety and that of other road users. Here are some truck driving schools in North Carolina:

  • Carolina Trucking Academy
  • Crosscountry Truck Driving School
  • Roadmaster Drivers School of North Carolina, Inc.
  • Future Truckers of America 
  • TransTech

Driving Schools in Charlotte, NC

Residents or would-be residents of Charlotte, NC, can visit the following schools to gain knowledge about driving and its entirety:

  • A Diamond Driving School
  • Expert Driving School
  • Learning Curves Driving School

Driving Schools in Jacksonville, NC

Driving schools in Jacksonville, NC, have excellent ratings resulting from excellent classroom experiences with excellent instructors. Care for the same experience? Check out our list of some driving schools in Jacksonville.

  • Troops into Transportation
  • Miller-Motte College Commercial Driving Training Center

Driving Schools in Durham, NC

Like any other city in the United States, Durham, NC, has very good driving schools where students get to learn and become certified. They include:

  • Above Average Driving School Inc.
  • Andes Driving School Inc.
  • All Around Driving School, Inc.
  • Johnson Driving Academy

Driving Schools in Wilmington, NC

Most driving schools in Wilmington have positive reviews and – as you already know – these have increased their fame all over the state. They include:

  • East Coast Driving School
  • Coastal Carolina Driving School
  • Southeastern Driver Training Center

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CDL Driving Schools in North Carolina

Attending a commercial driver’s license (CDL) driving school in North Carolina can be really helpful. There, you’ll be trained on responsible driving, traffic compliance, as well as penalties for breaking rules in driving. Top of it all, they’re available to assist you in acquiring your CDL. They include:

  • Charlotte CDL Driving School
  • CL Driving School
  • Carolina CDL Training Center
  • A2Z Trucking Academy
  • SAGE Truck Driving School


For new and experienced drivers who seek to explore the world of driving, driving schools in North Carolina are great choices. They’ve got amazing, qualified tutors, and can guide you in becoming the best driver you can. Above all, regular practice, they say, makes perfect.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Driving Schools in North Carolina

How Much Does Drivers Ed Cost in NC?

Well, it totally depends on your choice of school. However, most driving schools in NC offer their courses for prices between $30 and $60 – extra charges may or may not apply. In other words, you might end up paying lesser than $30 or more than $60.

How Long is Truck Driving School in NC?

Truck driving is a very serious task and as such, requires much practice. In North Carolina, students undergo truck driving training for about two weeks, or better still, about 320 hours. This is split into 22% classroom practice and 78% road practice.

Can A Parent Teach A Child to Drive in NC?

Of course, yes! In that case, the Parent’s Supervised Driving Program – set up by Safe Roads Alliance – might be useful. This program aims to provide parents or guardians who seek to train their teens to drive with necessary information, as well as step-by-step guide on how to pass across the required driving skills.



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