Cashier Job Description | Duties and Responsibilities

From this article on the job description of a cashier which you are about to read, you can tell how important cashiers are to so many establishments.

Some of the major establishments that require the services of a cashier are supermarkets, eateries, wholesale and retail stores.

A cashier performs both customer service and receives money.

Ever worked into a supermarket or grocery store and after taking the things you need?

Someone with a charming smile scans the items, tells you the charge, receives your money, and packages your goods.

That properly explains who a cashier is, and what their Job description looks like.

This article on the Job description guide of a cashier will benefit individuals looking for a job as a cashier.

And also to employers seeking a cashier job description template for employment advertisements.

Who is a Cashier?

job description-duties and responsibilities and salary of a cashier

A cashier is a person who is in charge of buy-sale transactions with customers in brick and mortar establishments.

They provide customer service by answering all questions asked by customers.

They also receive money from customers for purchased items and package those items.

Any form of ill-treatment by a cashier to a customer may amount to losing that customer forever.

Cashier Duties and Responsibilities

Your duties and responsibilities as a cashier may differ depending on your employer, and the size of the establishment.

But, irrespective of employer and establishment size, here are some of the basic duties and responsibilities of a cashier:

  • Welcoming customers as they come in.
  • Scanning of items being purchased.
  • Receiving payment for goods from customers.
  • Returning the appropriate amount of change to customers when required.
  • Issuing recipes for all purchased items.
  • Returning payment whenever customers return purchased items. (depends on establishment policy)
  • Keeping a record of all orders, in stock and sold items at every given time.
  • Making sure that the store is always clean and organized.
  • Answering all questions asked by customers.
  • May also provide recommendations of products to customers when necessary.
  • Keeping records and balancing accounts.
  • Reporting cash flow to the manager.
  • Following the establishment’s policies on the sales of certain items such as alcohol.
  • Taking note of items that need to be ordered and reporting to the manager.
  • Ensuring that the store is always stocked.
  • Arranging and cleaning of shelves.
  • Counting money present at the beginning and end of every shift to ensure accuracy.

Depending on where you work and who you work for.

Your duties may be more or less than these.

What Qualifications are Required to Become a Cashier?

Often, employers do not require cashiers to have a bachelor’s degree or related degrees.

A high school certificate or its equivalent is just enough to get the job.

Oh! A high school certificate is not really enough to get the job.

Except, you were the only one seeking that job.

Good mathematics and computing skills will set you at an edge when seeking a Job as a cashier.

Employers also prefer to employ those with good communication and customer service skills.

As usual, employers also prefer those with a level of experience.

Proficiency in Microsoft office suite is advantageous.

All of these combined with a high school certificate should be enough to get the job.

Lest I forget, being able to properly use a point on sale system (POS) is also important.

Although, it is something you can easily learn.

Considering the long how of working and the number postures you will have to take.

It is also required for a cashier to be healthy, active and agile.

What Skills and Personality Suit a Cashier?

Having all the qualifications required to become a cashier is good, but may not be good enough.

To become a good cashier, here are some skills you should also have:

1. Interpersonal skills

A good cashier must be able to relate kindly with customers at all times no matter your mood.

Being friendly to customers can make them become very loyal to you.

It can even go as far as  making them recommend people they know to your store.

2. Ability to multitask

At some point, you may have to welcome customers, scan items as well as respond to questions at the same time.

Well, all of that may seem too much for one person to do.

But, as a good cashier, you should be able to multitask fast without making mistakes.

In situations where multitasking may be impossible, simply prioritize your activities.

3. Honesty

Whenever money is involved, honesty and integrity is important.

A good cashier who intends to gain trust from his employer must be honest all all dealing.

Being honest doesn’t just grant you trust from your employer.

It also saves you from trouble if such arise.

4. Self motivated

The job of a cashier can be really stressful, both customers and your employer may piss you off.

But, you must always stay motivated.

5. Customer service

If you have read this article so far, I believe you already know that the importance of good customer service cannot be overrated.

6. Courteous

A good cashier must always display good manners or etiquettes to both customers, employers and colleagues.

7. Attention to detail

When dealing with money and people, never ignore anything 

8. Flexible

A good cashier should be flexible enough to adjust to any type of working shift.

As may be required by your employer or the situation at work.

9. Speed and accuracy

Being fast and accurate is also very necessary for a cashier.

Nobody likes waiting for long while standing in a queue.

A sluggish cashier can chase customers away.

Where Do Cashiers Work?

Like I said at the beginning of this article, the services of a cashier are needed in so many brick and mortar establishments.

Some of such places include:

  • Grocery store
  • Clothing stores
  • Super markets
  • Restaurants
  • Wholesale and retail stores
  • Supply stores

What Experience is Required to Become a Cashier?

Different employers require different levels of experience.

But, irrespective of employer, here are some of the common experiences required.

  • Money transaction
  • Knowledge of the use of transaction machines
  • How to handle can cash register
  • Customer service

Any of the above experience is advantageous.

What Should I Include in My Cashier Advertisement?

Some of the things to state clearly in your cashier advertisement include:

  • The qualifications you require
  • Skills required
  • Years you may require

As a person seeking a job as a cashier, these are things you should also state clearly in your cashier resume.

Conclusion: Cashier Job Description Guide

On conclusion, we can say that the job description of a cashier may be stressful but interesting.

Yes! Interesting, you get to meet new people daily.

Other job descriptions include:


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