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What is a teacher’s job description? You are in the right place if you asked this question and finally landed here. Considering this question means that you may consider taking up a teaching career.

Sincerely, the job of a teacher is special. They play the role of shaping the lives of children, teenagers, and even adults. Yes! Adults, because learning never really ends.


Plus, the effect of a good teacher remains obvious in the life of his/her student(s) as long as they live. A good teacher motivates and encourages students to improve and add value to society.

Since you are reading this article, I believe you are prepared to become a good teacher, and this job description guide will help you. Starting a teaching career is perfect for anyone ready to impact the lives of others positively.


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Why Should I Consider Becoming a Teacher?

There are various reasons why anyone should consider a career in teaching.

Especially those who naturally have a passion for imparting knowledge to others.


Here are some reasons why you should teach

  • Teachers are privileged to have longer holidays. Of course, when their students are on holiday, they enjoy the privilege of resting too, and in most cases, they get paid during such breaks.
  • Although not in every country, in many developed countries, teachers are well paid. Even in less developed countries where the pay may not be encouraging, efforts are being made to improve it.
  • It is part of a teacher’s job description to impart knowledge, and the joy of doing so is equal to none. And teachers get to do that daily.
  • Apart from being able to impart knowledge, teachers are also suitable to learn every day. They learn how to handle different students with different characters and learning paces.
  • There are a variety of career choices I teach, ranging from being a private teacher to special education and lots more.
  • As a teacher, you get to leave footprints in different people’s lives throughout their lives. Because I believe you will become a good teacher, you will certainly be remembered for good.
  • A good teacher may also help children become more interested in subjects they consider difficult, like mathematics.

Not everyone can become a teacher; it is a profession that will choose you. If you feel chosen, then you are probably one of the lucky ones. Because, just like nursing, teaching gives satisfaction.

For me, nobody impacts more lives than teachers. A good teacher does this selflessly, carefully understanding the different needs of all his or her students.

Is Teaching a Good Profession for You?

teacher job description

Because teaching is a fine job, and it’s certainly not for everyone. Therefore, it is something you do without passion, or the effect may harm the students.

Whether well paid or not, it is a joy, something you do for cash, although being well paid for something you love doing is a bonus.

Here are some questions you must give sincere answers to before taking a career path in teaching.

  • Will teaching give me satisfaction even after years of working?
  • Am I good at understanding the needs of others?
  • How well can I communicate necessary information to others effectively so they understand
  • Do I have the passion and necessary skills a teacher needs, and am I ready to learn?

It is essential to give sincere answers to these questions if you must be a good teacher. I believe this nurse job description guide answers some of your questions already.

So, let’s go ahead; this should come next after answering the question.

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What Qualifications Do I Need to Become a Teacher?

The qualifications required to become a teacher may differ depending on your location and what type of teacher you desire to become.

But, in most countries, you must be a certified teacher if you work in government-owned schools.

In the UK, you must reach qualified teacher status.

For those who decide to take a career in education immediately after high school, you may choose to proceed into a program that qualifies them to teach specific subjects.

Such programs take about 3-4 years to complete. In some countries, to become a certified teacher, you must be a member of whatever body governs teachers. 

You may also take a medical bachelor’s degree program at the university.

Such programs take about 3-4 years to complete.

For those who decide to start a career in teaching after years of studying something else.

You can obtain a Post Graduate Certificate of Education.  This certification is also essential for teachers who intend to become more qualified.

Apart from all the necessary qualifications, a teacher must keep learning. A good teacher must stay updated as things change and curriculums are updated.

A Teacher’s Duties and Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a teacher may depend on the school you teach in. It also depends on the subject and age grade of the students you teach. However, there are similarities in the responsibility of all teachers, no matter the subject and age grade you teach.

The role of a good teacher in our world today cannot be quickly done away with. They play a vital role in preparing children to become adults. They prepare them for the future. If this world keeps improving, we must always have good teachers.

For the future to be better, children must be prepared for the future. And that’s what teachers do.

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Basic Duties of a Teacher

  • Educate children based on your national curriculum within your subject of specialization.
  • Observation and reporting the behaviors of the students kept under your care.
  • Proffering educationally, socially, and emotional advice and support to children and directing them to a counselor when Necessary.
  • Applying the most recent methods of teaching.
  •  Making a lesson plan, preparing it, and teaching it most effectively.
  • Encouraging and ensuring the participation of students during lessons and other necessary activities.
  • Keep learning and improving as the curriculum is updated.
  • Aid in all school improvement and innovation plans.
  • Be a part of all teacher’s meetings to aid the school’s growth.
  • Work in close relationships with parents or guidance to aid learning.
  • Encourage leadership and teamwork among children.

Although the responsibilities of a teacher are many, a good teacher must be able to carry out all effectively.

What Skills Do I Need to Be a Good Teacher?

Putting all the above-listed duties into consideration and the fact that a teacher must be good in necessary communication skills.

Here are some skills every good teacher should have

  • Good communication skills
  • Confidence
  • Good knowledge of your subject of specialization
  • Ability to multitask without making mistakes
  • Necessary Tech skills
  • Give attention to delays
  • Professionalism

You must not lack these skills if you are a good teacher.

Sometimes you may have the passion for teaching but lack one or two of these skills.

In such cases, you can always bring yourself to learn if teaching is what you want.

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Where Do Teachers Work?

So many organizations require the services of a teacher.

But, their services are most needed in

Regardless of your career choice, you may still decide to enter the education sector.

Teachers also work at home. In some developed countries like the United States, so many children are schooled in the comfort of their homes.

The need for teachers is increasing; therefore, getting a job as a teacher is not so difficult.

How Much Do Teachers Earn

A teacher’s salary depends on your location and what type of teacher you are. The average salary of a teacher is about $42,000  per year, just like any other notable profession.

But this may not be the same for teachers teaching in some parts of the world. Apart from location, the school or organization you teach in also plays a massive role in determining your salary as a teacher.

Another factor that may determine your pay is your qualification and experience. More qualified and experienced teachers are paid better than less qualified or experienced ones.

Your role, duties, or position in your work institution is another factor that may be considered in determining your pay.

Teachers are supposed to be paid well because the future of this world largely depends on them.

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What are the Types of Teachers?

Many people do not know this, but there are different types of teachers.

The type of teacher you are depends on where you work and what role you play.

Some types of teachers include

Primary School Teacher

As the name implies, primary school teachers work in primary schools and deal more with children. They are privileged to have holidays whenever their pupils are on holiday, during which they get paid.

They require intelligence and patience, as handling children may not be easy.

Secondary School Teacher

Unlike primary school teachers, secondary school teachers deal with teenagers. The kids are to care for longer little children; neither are they adults but in transition.

In this stage, they prepare for the future and choose a career. The teacher’s role is to guide these students in making the right decision while preparing for the future.

Private Teacher

A private teacher does not necessarily need to work in a school. They teach anywhere and at any time.

Private teachers may be paid to teach pupils at home or hold online tutorials. Their salary depends on their agreement with their employers.

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The head teacher’s role is to supervise other teachers and ensure a working sound system for teachers. As well as a good learning environment for the students.

The headteacher serves as an intermediate between the teachers and the school authority. She also ensures the proper practice of all the institution’s core values.

Assistant Teacher

As the name implies, an assistant teacher may assist the primary or secondary school teacher.

Usually, their salaries are not as much as the main class teacher.

Supply Teacher

Supply teachers are usually specialized. Their salaries are based on the number of times they are invited to teach. Supply teachers may include language teachers, music teachers, and also those who teach dance.

Their work is temporary. Therefore, they do not have to report daily to their organization.

Teacher Job Description Guide; Conclusion

This article on teacher job description guide contains practically all you need to know to become a teacher.

If you intend to start a career in teaching, then it is necessary for you to understand the job description of a teacher properly.

The job of a teacher is certainly worth doing. 

No matter how much your employer pays you, you can never receive enough payment for the lives you impact.

After reading this job description guide for teachers, go ahead if you are ready to take up a teaching career. The world needs you.

Please, share this post to reach someone who may need it.

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