Hotel Front Desk Job Description | Duties & Responsibilities

A hotel front desk job is important for the smooth running of a hotel or any hospitality-related business.

They are usually the first people you see when you work in a hotel – five stars or not. They help in getting the guest well situated and comfortable.

They usually double as receptionists and customer service representatives.

A front desk agent is responsible for welcoming guests, handing them their keys, and in most cases, directing them to their rooms or dining, or bars.

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Who is a Hotel Front Desk Agent?

A hotel front desk agent is the first person you see when you enter a hotel, bed, breakfast, resort, or motel. He is the one who welcomes you and handles your booking.

He verifies the method of payment and hands your key over to you. He ensures that you are satisfied from the moment you enter the hotel till the day you check out.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Hotel Front Desk Agent

  • Welcoming and registering guests
  • Verifying method of payment
  • Showing guests their rooms
  • Booking and making reservations for would-be guests over the phone or email
  • Knowing which rooms are available
  • Relaying any complaint about the rooms to other hotel staff
  • Arranging for transportation of guests
  • Answering any questions about the hotel services
  • Promoting the hotel at any available chance
  • Storing guest’s excess luggage and giving them keys to the store
  • Maintaining the records of guests who have checked in and out
  • Updating records of bookings and payments
  • Making sure that the rooms are tidy and to the taste of the guest
  • Organizing o making recommendations on where to eat or place to see. You can also suggest some tour agents.

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Qualifications and Requirements for a Hotel Front Desk Job

There is no required degree or higher education. A high school diploma or equivalent is enough to get you the job.

It’s a bonus point if you’ve had previous experiences working at any hospitality-centered business.

You can also read some books on these topics to equip yourself further.

Knowing how to use computers is also necessary. Be conversant with some applications like Ms. Word and Ms. Excel.

Special Skills and Abilities Needed of a Hotel Front Desk Agent

The job of a front desk agent isn’t very easy. It requires patience and empathy because you will be dealing with various individuals. Here are some skills expected of you:

1. Multitasking

A front desk agent doubles as many things. So many times, you will find yourself doing two things simultaneously. For example, you can be on the phone talking with an impending guest while making reservations for him.

2. Empathy

During your time there, you may meet guests who just came in because they were stranded or guests who don’t know their way around town and may want a little tour. 

It is very important to know how to connect with their emotions and deal with them kindly.

3. Patience

Dealing with people can be very difficult, especially when they are frustrated or are just difficult. Be patient and listen to what they want. 

On no account should you raise your voice at any of the guests.

4. Friendliness

Being friendly with guests is very important. 

It makes them feel more comfortable. 

You can tell appropriate stories if time presents itself. 

Have an approachable attitude and always smile.

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5. Flexibility

Your schedule has to be flexible. 

The work of a hotel front desk agent can’t be certain as various needs or complaints may arise throughout the day. 

You should always be able to move around your schedule. 

It would be best if you also were willing to work for more than your shift dictates.

How Much Do Hotel Front Desk Agents Get Paid?

For a job that leaves little or no time for yourself, the pay is really small. 

Front desk agents of many hospitality-centered businesses are not paid very well. Living on their salary can be a bit of a hassle.

As of 2016, their payment range was $11 – $14 per hour.  

Finally, submit your resume to any hotel recruiting if you want this job. 

In this particular occupation, word of mouth and recommendation from former bosses is important.

Despite the job’s pay or difficulty, one upside to this is the tendency to meet different people. 

People are important to us and our growth; treating guests well can open bigger doors for you.

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