What is the Job Description of a Nanny?

A good nanny job description should contain the duties and responsibilities to expect, as well as the essential skills a nanny should have.

This job description you are about to read contains the duties and responsibilities, essential skills and much more.

Some of the duties and responsibilities of a nanny usually featured in their job description include teaching child right behaviours and making meals.

Nannies also change the diapers of babies and administer first aid in the case of an injury.

This role requires candidates who are detail-oriented and tolerant.

Ideal candidates should have good multitasking and interpersonal skills.

Different employers and families have a different academic requirement for nannies.

While some do not require any form of educational training, others prefer employing college graduates.

And of course, the salary agreement will differ depending on educational background.

Most likely, families who employ college graduates going to have to budget more for the salary of their nanny.

If you want to know the duties and responsibilities of a nanny, as well as what nannies do, keep reading.


What does a nanny do?

Nannies are childcare workers who assist parents look after and take care of their children.

Typically a nanny works for one particular familiar at a time, unlike a babysitter who can for more than one family depending on their schedule.

Also, a nanny may have to live with the family they work for.

A successful nanny must also be good at babysitting.

Aside from taking care of children, nannies are also saddled with the responsibility of performing household chores.

Such chores may include washing clothes and dishes, cleaning the floor and restrooms.

Also, they may be responsible for purchasing household supplies, in a situation where they are not directly responsible for purchasing household supplies, they are expected to inform their employers whenever they are running out.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a nanny?

In order for a nanny to really satisfy his or her employer, it is important that you have a keen understanding of your duties and responsibilities.

Nannies who live with their employers must know their duties and boundaries in order not to overstep their boundaries.

Therefore, you may want to take this section of this job description seriously.

1. Take care of children

The basic duty of a nanny is to assist parents in taking care of children.

You are to supervise the activities of the children and ensure their safety at all times. 

2. Act as an example to children

Nannies are expected to be an example to children. You are to model good behaviour to them.

And also, whenever children act inappropriately, it is the responsibility of a nanny to correct them, especially in the absence of their parents.

It is also their duties to help children develop good social behaviours such as empathy and charity.

3. Administer first aid

While taking care of children, sometimes domestic accidents and injuries are likely to occur.

As such, a good it is important that a Nanny is familiar with first aid techniques as they will have to administer first aid to children.

4. Monitor irregularities in children.

A good nanny should be given to details. You should be able to monitor any form of health or behavioural irregularities.

In a situation where they can correct an irregular behaviour, they are to do that.

5. Relate necessary information to parents

Nannies are to assist parents, but the welfare of a child is basically the responsibility of their parents.

Therefore whenever a nanny notices health, behavioural, emotional or mental irregularities in a child, they are expected to inform the parent.

Failure to inform parents could result in irreversible damage to the emotions or health of a child.

Other duties and responsibilities of a nanny usually featured in their job description includes:

  • Taking care of and feeding pets.
  • Assisting in transporting and picking children up from school, events or visit to the house of friends or family members.
  • Teaching grownup children how to perform household tasks.
  • Assisting children with their homework.
  • Bathing and changing the diapers of children.
  • Carrying out household tasks such as sweeping, cleaning, washing.
  • Preparing and serving meals.

What qualifications do I need to become a nanny?

For some families, the only academic requirement for a nanny is attending high school.

But, like I said earlier other families require having a high school diploma or a candidate who has graduated from college.

Although, the standard academic requirement set for nannies by the international nanny association is successfully graduating from high school.

Also, employers usually prefer employing candidates who have attending childcare programs.

It is advantageous for a prospective nanny to know how to drive and also have a driver’s license.

You are also required to be familiar with the use of cleaning equipment and gadgets.

Employers also prefer employing those who have previous experience in babysitting or child care.

What skills should a nanny have?

Aside from having a keen understanding of of your duties and responsibilities, it is important that you possess certain skills.

This is because such skills are relevant for performing most of your duties and responsibilities.

Such skills are also featured in a nanny job description.

Here are some of the essential skills a successful nanny should have:

1. Communication skills

A good nanny should possess solid communication skills.

They should be able to relate relevant information to parents.

Aside from relating information, you should be capable of understanding Information and the following Instruction.

Also, they should be able to attentively listen to the needs of the children.

2. Interpersonal skills

You should be able to relate properly with children, you should know what they feel whether you are told or not, just by observing them.

Developing a good relationship with children and their parents makes working with them easier.

3. Physical strength

Due to the job of a nanny, it is important for them to be physically fit.

This is because their job requires a lot of lifting, bending and moving.

4. Patients/tolerance

Working with children can be super difficult. 

Plus the fact that different children have different developmental speed.

Therefore a good nanny must be patient with them.

You should also be able to calmly tolerate their excesses.

5. Charity

 Successful nannies have a love for the child or children and family they hmare employed to assist.

You are supposed to handle children with care and love.

This way, you can develop a good relationship with the children and their parents

6. Trustworthiness

This attribute is more important for nannies who live with the family they work for.

Although, whether you live with the family or not, being trustworthy is important.

As a  result of working in their house, you may have access to certain confidential information.

Families want to know that they can trust their nanny to keep confidential information confidential.

Also, parents look out for nannies who are detail oriented, flexible and have good decision making skills.

The job of a nanny also requires Individuals who can manage time effectively and multitask.

An ideal candidate for this rope should have good problem solving and critical thinking abilities.

You should be able to detect problems quickly and proffer good solutions.

How much do nannies make?

According to the balance careers, the average salary of nannies in the United States is about $23,234 per year.

Still in the United States, the salary of nannies ranges from $17,742 per year to $34,424 per year.

The figures above are specific to nannies in the United States only.

Geographical location, employer, experience and qualification are other factors that play a role in determining how much a nanny makes.

Where do nannies work?

Typically, nannies work in the homes of private individuals.

They may also be employers in schools to assist class teachers to take care of children.

Vacancies are advertised online via social media.

Also, you can get the job by recommendation from a family member or friend.

Nanny work environment and schedule

Typically, nannies work at home, from time to time, you may be required to run errands which may require you to drive the car of your employer.

This is why it is important for a nanny to have a valid driver’s license.

Nannies work full time or may decide to work part-time depending on their schedule and the schedule of parents.

Those who work full time are usually given some days off from time to time.

Nanny job outlook

The U.S bereau of labour statistics does not have specific statistics for nannies, but rather for childcare workers as a whole.

As such, the job opportunities for childcare workers is expected to increase 7% in a space of one decade, that is from 2016 through 2026.

7% increase is just the same as the average estimated growth for all other occupations.

What should I include in my nanny resume?

When creating a resume, here are certain things you should consider including:

  • Qualification
  • Certification
  • Hard skills
  • Years of experience
  • Soft skill

In the course of your interview, you should also make references to the above information.

You can make use of this job description of a nanny to create a professional resume that supports your goal.

Conclusion: Nanny job description guide

Individuals who have a flair for taking care of children will make good nannies.

You can advance in this career path by obtaining an associate or bachelor’s degree in courses related to child care.

Although this job description was complied with applicants in mind, it can also serve as a template for creating a unique job description for organisations.

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