What is the Job Description of a Customer Service Representative?

If you want to know the duties and responsibilities of a customer service representative, then read this job description.

It is the duty of a customer service representative to attend to customers, they respond to their calls, answer their questions and resolve customer’s issues.

You will also be responsible for keeping customers’ contact and responding to their complaints.

Performs all of these duties and responsibilities require an Individual to possess certain essential skills.

Ideal candidates will have to have good customer service skills.

It is also important for you to have good problem solving and analytical skills.

Also, possessing strong communication and interpersonal skills is relevant.

The minimum academic requirement for entering this role is a high school diploma.

If you want to know the duties and responsibilities of a customer service representative, then keeping reading.

But, just before we discuss the duties and responsibilities to expect, let’s see what customer service representatives do.


What does a customer service representative do?

The duties of a customer service representative vary from company to company.

For instance, a customer service representative who works for a logistics company guides customers through the ordering process.

They also receive customer’s complaints concerning orders and ensure them it will be looked Into.

Whereas, a customer service representative who works for a telecommunications company will respond to customer’s network service problems.

Those who work for cinemas will be responsible for responding to the customer call concerning what movies will be showing at a particular time.

And also, those who work in banks will be in charge of responding to calls and questions of customers as regards to their accounts.

Irrespective of where you work, as a customer service representative, you will be responsible for responding to complaints and questions of customers.

You may also have to interact with customers directly.

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What are the duties and responsibilities of a customer service representative?

It is important that you take this particular section very seriously.

Because it contains all your employer expects you to do on a daily basis.

The duties and responsibilities of a customer service representative may vary from industry to industry, but certain they all have certain common duties and responsibilities.

Here are some of the duties and responsibilities commonly featured in major job descriptions:

1. Listen and respond to the questions of customers

It is the duty of a customer service representative to attentively listen to questions from customers.

After listening and understanding them, you are also responsible for giving them relevant answers.

In a situation where it is not in your place to answer such questions, you can refer them to senior colleagues.

2. Recommend products or services to customers

It is important for a customer service representative to develop good relationships with customers.

By doing so, you can know their preferences and recommend products or services to them that they may like.

3. Take orders from customers

Customer service representatives who work for logistics and retail business take orders from customers.

After a customer pays the products he or she wants to buy, they then calculate the appropriate change and return it to them

In a situation where they are not in the place to take orders, then you guide the customer through the process of ordering.

4. Keep a record of customers contacts

It is the duty of a customer service representative to keep a record of customers’ information such as address and contacts.

5. Handle complaints from customers

A customer service representative is also responsible for responding to the complaints of customers.

After receiving these complaints they refer them to the appropriate employee.

Other duties and responsibilities of a customer service representative include:

  • Responding to phone calls and emails.
  • Update customer information.
  • Communicating with customers via calls, emails, and face to face.
  • Having good knowledge of the company’s products and services.

What qualifications do you need to become a customer service representative?

A high school diploma is the minimum academic requirement for becoming a customer service representative.

In some countries and states, customer service representatives must be above 18 years of age.

Usually, whenever a new customer service representative is employed, they undergo some weeks of training.

This training involves learning how to respond to customers and how to deal with difficult or ill-mannered customers.

Those who work for financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies undergo several months of training.

During such training, you will be taught policies and regulations related to financial dealings and transactions.

The first few weeks of working is usually supervised by senior and more experienced employees.

It is also important for a customer service representative to have a good understanding of their customer service policies and regulations.

Customer service representatives who work for financial institutions will require a license from their state or country.

Requirements for getting a license varies from state to state or country to country.

But in general, it usually requires passing an examination.

What skills should a customer service representative have?

1. Communication skills

A customer service representative is responsible for responding to customers questions and recommendations and appraisal.

In order to do this, customer service representatives must possess good communication skills.

Customer service representatives should be able to communicate effectively verbally and in writing as well.

It is also important to note that good communication skills involve listening as much as it has to do with speaking.

A good customer service representative should also possess active listening skills.

That way, he or she can understand customers more and as such attention to them better.

2. Interpersonal skills

Customer service representatives are also required to possess good interpersonal skills.

This is because they are to develop and maintain good relationships with existing and prospective customers.

By so doing, they may be able to understand the preference of customers and make good recommendations to them.

3. Customer service skills

How can you be a customer service representative without customer service skills?

Therefore, they are expected to possess good customer service skills.

Responding to or treating clients poorly can outrightly chase.

4. Decision-making skills

A good customer service representative should be able to decide the best way to handle customers

Such decisions must be taken with the company’s policies in mind.

And no matter how bad a customer behaves, a customer service representative is not In a position to respond badly.

5. Problem-solving skills

A good customer service representative should be able to quickly identify problems related to customer’s orders.

After identifying a problem, the customer service representative should also think critically to come up with the best solution to resolve the issue.

6. Independence

Customer service representatives should also be capable of working independently.

They should be able to get the job done with or without supervision.

How much do customer service representatives make?

On average, customer service representatives in the United States earn up to $16.69 per hour.

Their salary ranges from $11.05 per hour to $27.11 per hour.

These figures may be different in your geographical location.

The salary of a customer service representative may be determined by so many factors such as:

  • Years of experience: More experienced customer service representatives are likely to receive better salaries than those with less experience. 
  • Location: The economic situation of a country affects the salary of a customer service representative. Those who work in counties where the economy is bad are usually paid less.
  • Qualification: customer service representatives who have better qualifications are paid better than those with less experience.
  • Employer: Working for larger companies or organisations usually attracts more pay and sometimes, more work.

A good way to attract and increase in salary is obtaining educational advancement.

Also, obtaining more years of experience can result in a promotion and salary increase.

Where do customer service representatives work?

A customer service representative can work in a variety of companies.

Some of the typical employers of a customer service representative are:

  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Logistics companies
  • Cinemas
  • Retail agencies
  • IT firms

Vacancies are usually advertised online on the websites of companies and recruitment agencies.

Adverts may also be placed on newspaper publications and on television and radio stations.

Customer service representatives work environments and schedule

Customer service representatives usually work in offices, they spend most of their working hours responsible to customers.

Typically, they work at regular working days and hours.

What should include in my customer service resume?

A professional customer service representative resume should feature all relevant information capable of convincing an employer that you are suitable for the job.

You should consider including information such as:

  • Years of experience
  • Qualification
  • Area of experience
  • Certification
  • Hard skills
  • Area of expertise
  • Soft skills
  • Establishments where you worked previously

In the course of your interview, it is advised that you make reference to the information above when responding to questions.

You should also feel free to make use of this guide to create a professional resume.

Conclusion: Customer service representatives guide

Job opportunities for customer service representatives are expected to decrease by 2% from 2018 through 2028.

If you have other questions relating to what customer service representatives do, kindly leave a comment.

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