What is the Job Description of an Account Manager?

The  job description of an account manager can sometimes be stressful, but it is interesting to work as one.

They play a very vital role in every organization where they work.

The duties and responsibilities of an account manager require special  skills to successfully carry out.

Such duties may include, attending to the needs and complaints of customers, and building and maintaining good relations with them.

When employing account managers, companies are always very careful. This is because an account manager can make or mar the business by the way he or she treats customers.

This guide on the job description of an account manager is just perfect for creating a resume.

Aside creating a good resume, you need to read and understand it properly to gain insight before attending a job interview.


What does an account manager do?

Account management involves building a good relationship with customers, executives and stakeholder, and also planing, preparing and presenting sales report.

Account managers improve customer’s experience, they respond to the complaints of customers and identify prospective business opportunity in existing customers.

Sometimes your job may require that you travel to meet customers.

Account managers should be sensitive to the needs of the customers at all times.

They should also be knowledgeable in the use of account management softwares.

What are the duties and responsibilities of account managers?

The job description of an Account manager requires that you carry out some duties and responsibilities.

Some of the duties and responsibilities of an account manager include:

1. Build and maintain a good working relationship with clients

After a client is drawn to a business, it is the responsibility of the account manager to develop a good working relationship with him or her.

They also keep the client informed on new products he or she may find useful.

2. Negotiate contract with clients

It is the responsibility of the account manager to negotiate and close profitable deal with clients. 

This duty is the reason why an account manager should possess good negotiation skills.

3. Prepare account report

For accountability, account managers prepare and present reports of the status of the account handed of to him or her to handle.

4. Come up with innovative ideas to improve customer experience

It is also the responsibility of the account manager to constantly think and come up with reasonable ideas on how to satisfy customers.

They must also attend training and seminars to learn what’s new.

5. Work as a team with sales and customer service team

Account managers work with customer service team and sales management team to improve customer service.

The whole aim is to satisfy customers as well as make sales.

Some other duties and responsibilities of an account manager are;

  • Evaluate customer’s use of company’s product.
  • Assist customers via mails, phone calls and online meetings.
  • Connect with key accounts, executive sponsors and stakeholders.
  • Report monthly progress to stakeholders.
  • Build and maintain trust advisor relationship with stakeholders and executive sponsors.
  • Inform clients about new products or policies.

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What qualifications do I need to become an account manager?

Account managers usually have a bachelor’s degree in business management, public relations, mass communication or other related fields.

After graduating from college or a university, those who intend to build  career path on account management usually start off in entry- levels sales or customer service positions.

Oftentimes, these positions helps new college graduates to gain experience and necessary skills to succeed in Account management.

This is important because when creating an account manager job description posting or templates, employers always specify the need for experience.

One way to gain account manager experience, especially for freshers, is to get an internship.

You can never go wrong with internships, although some will be paid internship or pro bono.

In addition, you can also improve your qualification by obtaining a master’s degree in similar subjects.

After becoming an account manager, what position can I be promoted to?

After you have achieved your goal to become an account manager, you can aspire for some more advanced position.

You may advance to the position of an account director.

Account directors oversee account managers.

What skills and personality suit an account manager?

In order to effectively carry out all your duties and responsibilities as an account manager, here are some skills you should possess.:

1. Multitasking

A good account manager should be able to do more than one thing at a time without or with very minimal error.

This will help speed up activities and manage time.

Whenever multitasking is not possible, all you need to do is prioritize your tasks.

More important tasks should be given immediately attention, and less important tasks should not be totally left out.

2. Attention to details

Account managers should be given to details.

The importance of this cannot be overemphasized. They have to be very sensitive to the needs of customers.

3. Good communication skills

It is also important for every account manager who intends to succeed in this career path to know how to communicate.

A good account manager should be able to communicate the technical and non technical aspect of the job in writing and verbally.

4. Emotional intelligence

Account managers should be capable of displaying high level of emotional intelligence.

Especially when dealing with clients. You must understand what is unique for every one of them.

5. Negotiation skills

The important of this skill in Account management cannot be overemphasized.

Account managers should be able to strike good and favourable deals with clients.

Deals should be negotiated and closed in such away that both party benefits.

6. Problem solving skills

Without intentionally creating problems, sometimes they come up.

In such cases, account managers should be able to handle problems that may arise during work without letting it get out of hands.

7. Time management skills

Account managers should know how to manage time effectively.

Time must be managed in such away that no aspect of the Job suffers.

8. Interpersonal skills

You should also be good at creating and maintaining good working relationship with clients, stakeholders and executive sponsors.

With this, you can obtain their trust and also serve them better.

9. Team work

The job description of an account manager includes that you work as a team with sales and customer service.

Therefore developing a good team spirit is very important to get the job done. 

Is account management a stressful job?

I started this article with letting you know that account management can be stressful, Yes it can.

But it is a very interesting career path. If you have a flare for meeting people and providing good customer service, this may be a good career path for you.

After all, there is no job out there that is not stressful. If not all the time, once in a while, all jobs can be demanding.

What is the work environment of an account manager like?

Typically, account managers work in offices at regular working hours. Sometimes your Job may demand that you travel to meet with clients.

You may also need to work during holidays and weekends whenever your services are required by the company.

How much do account managers make?

In the United States, the average salary of an account manager is about $59,082 per year.

This figure may vary based on your geographical location, qualification and experience.

More qualification and experience individual may earn up to $90,000 per year.

This is why improving your qualification and obtaining more years of experience cannot be ignored or overlooked.

Where do account managers work?

So many popular companies you know usually require the service of an account manager.

Some of such companies include Amazon, Alibaba and even Dell.

The typical employers of account managers are:

  • Network service providers
  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Logistics companies
  • Tech firms

There are so many platform on which you can put up your resume for employers to see and find you.

A platform like LinkedIn is a nice place to start with.

What should I include in my account manager resume?

When creating a resume, it is advisable that you include your experience, skills and qualifications.

This makes it easy for employers to assess how qualified you are for the job.

Even during an Interview, the importance of hitting points that refers to your skills, experience and qualification should not be overlooked.

Don’t hesitate to make use of this guide on the job description of an account manager to create that professional resume that supports your goal.

What is the difference between account manager and sales manager?

In small companies, one person may be burdened with the duties of a sales person and an account manager due to limited staffs.

But, in larger firms, different teams handle sales management and account management.

And, the job description of account managers differ from that of sales managers.

The major focus of a sales person is to draw new and prospective customers for the business.

After a sales person draws new clients and successfully close a deal, then an account manager is assigned to that client.

The sales person then gives the account manager everything he or she may need to know to work smoothly with that particular client.

Conclusion: account manager job description guide

The job description of an account manager has been fully explained in this article.

In as much as individuals seeking for the job can make use of it to create a professional resume, employers can also use to create a job posting or advert.

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