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This guide on the sales representative job description is well-optimized for writing a good resume. 

Sales representatives advertise and sell a company’s product or services to individuals and/or organizations.

The job description of a sales representative requires that they meet with potential buyers, educate them on why they should buy a product, negotiate the price and then answer their questions.

To excel in this position, you must have an in-depth understanding of the product or services you sell and excellent interpersonal skills.

You can either be an inside sales representative or an outside sales representative.

Inside sales representatives sell products or respond to customers via phone calls, emails, and online meetings. 

Whereas an outdoor representative has to meet with customers physically.

Most businesses require the service of a sales representative. Therefore, there are a variety of job opportunities out there for you.


Sales Representative Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a sales representative may be dependent on your employer and the sector and size of the firm.

But, irrespective of your employer, sector and size of the firm you work for, here are  some of the typical duties of a sales representative:

  • Identity and generate leads.
  • Advertise and present and sell products or services using solid and convincing arguments to prospective buyers.
  • Carry out a needs analysis and cost-benefits of prospective buyers to meet the customer’s needs.
  • Create and maintain a good business relationship with all potential and existing customers.
  • Provide responses and solutions to the complaints of customers.
  • Meet up with sales target on or before an agreed deadline.
  • Carry out research to identify a potential market.
  • Negotiate Price with customers.
  • Make weekly, monthly and yearly reports.
  • Receive payment for goods and services.
  • Keep customers’ or clients’ records. 
  • Work as a team with other team members to improve sales.

Although receiving payment for goods and services is included in this list, it is not so in every organization.

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What Qualifications Do I Need to Become a Sales Representative?

A bachelor’s degree in business, economics, marketing or other related fields is advantageous.

Such a bachelor’s degree program takes about 3-4 years to complete.

In most small businesses, a high school diploma will do.

Aside from formal training, employers also look out for individuals who have a good understanding of the product or services he or she is to sell.

Just like in every other job, most employers prefer employing those with a level of experience.

Experience in marketing or any other related Field for 2-4 years is a plus for you.

Employers also look out for those with proficiency in the Microsoft office suite.

What Skills and Personality Suit a Sales Representative?

A sales rep’s job description requires you possess certain skills and attributes.

In as much as certificates and other qualifications are important to get the job, these skills make you good at the job.

Some of the skills and personality a good sales representative should possess are:

1. Communication skills

A good sales rep should be able to communicate verbally and in writing appropriately.

You should be able to communicate effectively with clients and customers as well ad their employers.

2. Integrity

To excel in sales representation, you have to be honest. If you work in firms where you receive payment for goods or services, then honesty is more important.

Not just for your employer but also you’re good also.

3. Goal orientation

A good sales rep must be goal oriented. You have to do all it takes, in line with your work ethic, to meet your target before the deadline.

4. Interpersonal skill

To become a good sales representative, you should be capable of building and maintaining good business relationship with clients, customers and emplskill

5. Negotiation skill

Excellent negotiation skill is a necessary skill for a sale rep to possess. You must be able to agree on a good price with clients.

A fair price to the customer but still profitable to the business.

6. Self-motivated

A good sales rep has to be highly motivated. Even when things don’t seem to be going well.

7. Ability to work under pressure

As a good sales rep, you should be able to work calmly even under so much pressure.

8. Problem solving skills

A good sales representative should also be able to respond to and solve possible problems a customers mill face 

How Much Do Sales Representatives Make?

Your sales rep pay depends on your employer, experience, location, qualification and skills.

On average, sales representatives make an average of $64,679 per year.

In less developed countries, a sales representative may earn less.

Also, the less experienced or qualified sales reps may earn less than their more experienced colleagues.

In the United States, sales rep with up to 10 years experience earn up to $73,808 per annum.

Whereas those with just one year experience earn $58,307 per year.

Where Do Sales Representatives Work?

Every organization that provides services or sells products always requires the service of a sales rep.

Some of the typical employers of sales representatives are:

  • Banks
  • Manufacturing firms
  • Social media agencies
  • private businesses
  • Government organizations
  • Hospitality establishments

Your duties and responsibilities are greatly determined by where you work.

What Should I Include in My Sales Representative Resume?

When creating a resume, you may want to include everything an employer wants.

Knowing and understanding the job description of a sales representative is a good step towards creating that perfect resume.

When writing a resume, here are some things to include:

  • Qualifications
  • Experience
  • Skill
  • Knowledge of the job

Feel free to use this guide on a sales representative’s job description to create a good resume.

Conclusion: Sales Representative Job Description Guide

For Individuals who have a passion for meeting people and a skill in negotiation, taking up a job or career as a sales representative will certainly be Interesting.

The job of a sales rep may be stressful at times, but meeting your target brings a lot of satisfaction.

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