Bank Teller Job Description | Duties and Responsibilities

The bank teller job description spells out the duties and responsibilities of a banker in clear terms.

A bank teller receives and pays out money in a bank.

They are usually customers’ first point of interaction as they enter the bank. 

They generate certified cheques and money orders, exchange currencies, verify customers’ identities, and process requests for deposits and withdrawals.  

Bank tellers answer questions about bank products and services and direct customers to other staff for more complex bank transactions.

They must be detail-oriented and precise, and just like the CSR, they must also have effective communication and excellent customer service skills.


Bank Teller Duties and Responsibilities

A lot is expected of a bank teller. They have to prove themselves as trustworthy, transparent, and responsible. Their duties include:

  1. Counting cash in the drawer at the start of each shift and reconciling remaining cash at the end of their shift to account accurately for deposits and dispersals.
  2. Assisting customers with processing transactions, such as deposits, withdrawals, or payments
  3. Ability to resolve account discrepancies
  4. Informing customers about bank products and services
  5. Maintaining and balancing cash drawers
  6. Accurately track, record, report, and store information related to bank transactions.
  7. Following all bank financial and security regulations and procedures
  8. Ordering cheques and bank cards for customers
  9. Exchanging currencies
  10. This may also include answering phones, managing ATM deposits, and filing deposit slips.

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What are the Qualifications and Requirements for the Job of a Bank Teller?

  • High school diploma
  • At least one-month training
  • Knowledge of some computer software used for financial products and services offered
  • Background check
  • Effective time management, communication and customer service skills.
  • Professional appearance and attitude
  • Should be detail-oriented

What are the Special Skills Required for the Job of a Bank Teller?

Besides meeting the educational qualifications to get a banking job in Nigeria, you must also possess some soft skills.

These special skills include;

1. Good personalities

Bank tellers, like customer service representatives, need good interpersonal skills, calm personalities, and a likable demeanor. 

2. Effective communicators

To get a banking job in Nigeria, you should also be an effective communicator.

As a result, any aspiring banker in Nigeria must be good at writing, talking, and listening.

Bank tellers are the front lines of the bank and, as a result, should endeavor to throw their bank in good light. 

3. Integrity

Because bank tellers deal with large amounts of money in a day, they should be honest and be people of integrity.

They should strive to be trusted both by their employers add their customers.

4. Top-notch organizational skills

They should be able to organize their desks and put things to avoid careless mistakes; they should also keep bank documents and statements that will allow the bank to track transactions.

5. Exercise patients

The need to be patient cannot be overemphasized.

You will meet many frustrated customers, and getting annoyed by their outbursts will only make them more frustrated.

Be patient throughout your day while dealing with them and even your colleagues.

6. Stress Management

Every job is stressful, but dealing with different people with different problems and personalities can be draining.

After work hours, endeavor to do stress-relieving exercises.

7. Determination

Like most jobs that have to do with meeting people, some days will be hard, and only sheer strength and resilience will take you through that day and the next.

How to Improve Your Skills as a Bank Teller 

To get a job as a bank teller, you will need to have experiences with similar policies to that of bank telling. Here are some ways to get those skills.

1. Ask friends and colleagues

As an individual, you may not know so much about yourself, or you may be looking at yourself with rose-scented glasses.

Ask friends and colleagues to tell you areas where you can improve in to be better.

2. Take some classes

Developmental classes are very important because they make you better in particular areas substantial for a particular job.

You should take classes in computer, finance, etc. even some games that will help your cognitive abilities are recommended.

Sign up for these courses and watch yourself grow!

3. Take Initiative

You should know what you can and cannot do, and of course, as an aspiring bank teller, you should also know the basic and most important skills needed.

Write down all these important skills and know where you fall short, and start building on that or those area(s).

4. Volunteer

Throughout high school, college, and other stages of life, volunteer at places that will help build these skills.

Always be willing to assist people because a bank teller’s job is primarily to assist people.

What to Expect Working as a Bank Teller

As a bank teller, you should expect to sit in front of a computer for long hours, you should also expect to meet angry and frustrated customers, and you should expect a tight work schedule, usually an average of 40 hours per week.

Tips for writing your resume when applying for a bank teller job

When writing your resume, you should know that you need it to stand out. Write only things that are relevant to the job. 

For example, if you have worked at a restaurant as a waiter, that will not be an important thing t write. But if you worked as a cashier or bookkeeper or received calls for orders in that restaurant, you will need to write those down.

Be sure to highlight all skills you have as regards bank telling. And if you have worked somewhere, those skills came in handy, be sure to put that down.

What is the annual salary of a bank teller?

The salary of a bank teller varies based on the geographical location, level of expertise and experience, type of employer, and other factors. Its average is $22,250 – $39,110.

Conclusion – Bank Teller Job Description

The job description of a bank teller spells out the duties and responsibilities of a banker in clear terms.

This is important for both the bank hiring and the candidate seeking a job as a bank teller.

For the bank, a well-written job description for a bank teller helps them to create a standard for the job.

As for the aspiring bank teller, it helps you to prepare for a job interview or aptitude test.

Whatever the purpose of this article, I hope you found satisfaction in reading through it.

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