What is the Job Description of a Brand Ambassador?

If you want to know the duties and responsibilities to expect as a brand ambassador, then read this job description guide.

Brand ambassadors are usually the face of a company’s brand.

Some of the duties and responsibilities of a brand ambassador include representing a brand, advertising the Company’s products and getting actively involved in marketing.

You will also be responsible for assisting the content creation team and promoting the brand on your social media platforms.

Typically brand ambassadors are usually celebrities or influencers who already have a large number of fan bases and people following them on social media.

An ideal brand ambassador should possess certain qualities such as communication and interpersonal skills.

Having a large number of social media following is one of the most important criteria for becoming a brand ambassador.

A high school is the minimum academic requirement for becoming a brand ambassador.

Now we have a summary of what being a  brand ambassador entails.

Let’s see what brand ambassadors do.


What does a brand ambassador do?

A brand ambassador is the image of a company’s brand.

As such, it requires that you have a good understanding of what the brand stands for.

You will be the brand’s voice and be responsible for brand visibility.

Typically, brand ambassadors undergo training by the sales and marketing team.

Through this training, they are able to formulate marketing and advertising strategies.

Once in a while, a brand ambassador travels to different locations to advertise the brand to potential customers.

As a brand ambassador, you will also have to represent the company at certain events.

And demonstrate the usage of the product or services.

Usually, companies prefer hiring brand ambassadors who already have a large number of people’s trust.

Therefore, brand ambassadors will have to try to build and gain the trust of a large number of people.

This way, whenever you advertise a brand, they will naturally trust the product because they trust you.

Brand and ambassadors are also responsible for creating brand awareness.

This is done through face to face conversations, attending events and repping the brand by wearing a shirt or a cap that has the brand logo or design on it.

It is important for you to have an active online presence if you want to become a brand ambassador.

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What are the duties and responsibilities of brand ambassadors?

Firstly, it is important that you take these duties and responsibilities section very seriously.

This is because it contains what your clients or employers expect you to do daily.

Here are some of the duties and responsibilities of a brand ambassador usually featured in most job descriptions:

1. Having a keen understanding of the company’s marketing goals

A brand ambassador has to have a good understanding of what the company is aiming at.

This is done by studying the company’s objectives and marketing goals.

You will also have to work with the sales and marketing team to help you properly understand the Company’s vision, goals and objectives.

2. Evaluating the features of the product

Before endorsing a product or brand, it is important that you analyse and examine all the features of the products.

This is important because you have people’s trust and will not like to betray it.

Usually, product examination is done during meetings with sales and marketing managers.

3. Developing a good relationship with brands

A brand ambassador is also responsible for developing good relationships with other brands.

This gives you an opportunity to gain knowledge of their pricing, market and marketing strategies.

Also, a brand ambassador is expected to develop good relationships with vendors, distributors and retailers.

4. Positively representing the brand

Basically, brand ambassadors are hired to represent a brand.

As the face of a brand, you must represent it positively.

As such, you will have to live a model life that reflects the brand you rep.

Also, will have to represent the company at events and liaise with photographers and vendors to cover the event.

Another way to represent a brand is by showing people that you use it.

Therefore, you will also have to upload videos and pictures of you making use of the product you endorse.

5. Track brand acceptance and improvement

You will also be responsible for tracking the growth of the brand.

As such, you will monitor the level of customer acceptance and sales.

Your duty is not just to monitor sales and acceptance, but also to keep accurate and up to date record.

Other duties and responsibilities of a brand ambassador that job descriptions feature include:

  • Recommend ways the business can improve productivity.
  • Keeping a record of the result of marketing and advertisements.
  • Responding to customers complaints, suggestions and feedback.
  • Following up existing customers.
  • Informing customers about new products.
  • Organizing brand events and granting interviews.
  • Relating customer’s complaints, suggestions and feedback to the company’s management.
  • Creating brand awareness and visibility.

What qualifications do I need to become a brand ambassador?

The position of a brand ambassador is an entry-level sales or markets position.

Therefore, the minimum academic requirement for becoming a brand ambassador is a high school diploma.

Although, companies prefer employing those with a bachelor’s degree in marketing or any other similar field.

A brand ambassador must be fluent in English and have the ability to learn about a business and it’s products fast.

Like I already said, employers, prefer working with those who already have a good number of followers and are active on social media

It also requires having good knowledge of the use of different social media platforms for marketing and advertising.

Typically, minimum experience of three years in marketing or customer service is relevant.

Also, brand ambassadors are usually required to have a valid driver’s license to help them move around.

What skills should a brand ambassador have?

It is one thing to know your duties and responsibilities, and another thing to actually know how to perform them.

In order to perform your duties as a brand ambassador properly and improve sales, there are certain skills and attributes you should have.

Employers also look out for candidates with these attributes.

As such, the essential skills a brand ambassador should have are also featured in the job description.

Here are some of the skills a brand ambassador should have:

1. Time management skills

A good brand ambassador should be able to plan and prioritise his or her activities.

Plan activities will help you use time effectively when you have a lot of responsibilities to take care of.

Multitasking is a good way to manage time as well.

Therefore, a successful brand ambassador should be to do more than one thing at a time without mistakes.

2. Problem-solving skills

Using critical, analytical and logical thinking, a good brand ambassador should be able to detect problems with a brand or product.

After identifying problems, you should also be capable of providing good solutions.

3. Interpersonal skills

An ideal brand ambassador should possess good interpersonal skills.

You should know how to develop good relationships with company managers, customers and vendors.

4. Organisational skills

A good brand ambassador should also be organised and given to details.

This will help you perform your duties with fewer errors.

5. Communication skills

An ideal brand ambassador is a good communicator.

You will be responsible for relating information about a brand to the public.

Also, having good listening skills is advantageous.

How much do brand ambassadors make?

On average, brand ambassadors are paid a $22 per hour.

Their salaries range from $22 per hour to $25 per hour.

The figures above are peculiar to brand ambassadors in the United States of America.

The salary of a brand ambassador is usually influenced by the following factors:

  • Employers: Those who have more experience are likely to receive better pay.
  • Location: brand ambassador s who work in countries where the economy is bad may receive poor salaries.
  • Experience: Those with more experience are also likely to receive better pay compared to their less experienced colleagues.
  • Qualification: brand ambassadors who have more advantage qualification are usually paid better to those who are less qualified

Where do brand ambassadors work?

Brand ambassadors can work for a variety of companies

Some of the organizations that always require their service include:

  • Magazines
  • IT firms
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Real estate agencies
  • Malls
  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Retailers.

Usually, companies prefer hiring well know celebrities or influencers as their brand ambassadors.

Although, the vacancy may also be advertised online.

Conclusion: Brand ambassador job description guide

When creating a professional brand ambassador resume, you may want into including everything necessary of convincing an employer that you are capable of representing the company well.

You are free to make use of this free guide to create a professional resume that supports your goal.

If you have any other question in relation to this subject, just leave a comment.

Your question will be answered as soon as possible.

Employers are also free yo use this job description yo create their own peculiar brand ambassador job description.

As such, they may have yo make changes and adjustment to it, to meet the need of the organization.

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