10 Best Esthetician Schools in Massachusetts 2024 | How to Apply

As New England’s most populous state, esthetician schools in Massachusetts are a great place to start a career as a cosmetologist. Your skin care experience will be valuable no matter where you work in the Bay State.

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Cost of Esthetician Schools in Massachusetts

The average cost of the esthetician schools in Massachusetts on our list is $6,119. It only takes about five months to complete, making a career in esthetics exceptionally affordable in Massachusetts and relatively inexpensive.

There’s no doubt that people in Massachusetts place a high value on looking good and taking care of themselves. 

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How Long are Esthetician Schools in Massachusetts?

At accredited esthetician schools in Massachusetts, you will need at least 300 hours of training to become licensed. 

The curriculum includes the fundamentals of dermatology, chemistry, sterilization and sanitation, treatment procedures, histology, and waxing. Consider taking advanced training courses if you want to expand your skill set. 

Your school will work with you to complete the Massachusetts Cosmetology License Application.  When the commission accepts your application, you can book an exam time.

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How to Become an Esthetician in Massachusetts

To become an esthetician in Massachusetts, you must complete 600 hours of training at one of the accredited esthetician schools in MA. 

An approved school is licensed by the board and must be in good standing to remain licensed.  Schools must also operate under the direct supervision of a licensed instructor.

Beauticians in Massachusetts are trained in waxing.  However, you may need additional training and licensure to become an electrologist if you want to provide electrical hair removal services.

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How to get Esthetician License in Arkansas

You can apply to the board for review and licensure in Massachusetts after completing 600 hours of training in an approved esthetics program.  You must submit a $68 license fee with your application and pass a written and practical exam.

When you fill out the application, select the exams you want to take. You will also need your school and city codes to apply. Once the board receives, reviews, and accepts your application, you can expect to receive approval for exam scheduling.

The board uses Pearson Vue for exam administration and registration.  You can also find test information and download forms on their website. Select your preferred testing location during registration and pay the $150 test fee online through Pearson Vue.

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What are the Best Esthetician Schools in Massachusetts?

#1 Henri’s School of Hair Design – Fitchburg

Henri’s teachers are very excited to introduce students to a new career path, which is evident in the school’s high on-time graduation rate. 

The school is looking for creative students who enjoy spending time with people, making the classroom environment a pleasure every day. 

At the school, every student is taught an advanced system of haircuts.  It’s also less expensive than most other schools in the state, and students leave with very little student loan debt. 

Finally, scholarship offers make Henri’s an even more affordable choice for qualified students!


#2 Ali May Academy – Quincy

Ali May Academy creates an engaging environment where students are trained to succeed in their desired careers. 

The modern esthetics curriculum covers chemical peels, body treatments, and specialized waxing techniques.

It also extends to the essentials of spa business management, preparing students for possible futures beyond the spa. 

With one of the lowest tuition rates in the state, Ali May represents an excellent value for etiology students.


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#3 The Elizabeth Grady School of Esthetics and Massage Therapy – Medford

The Elizabeth Grady School occupies a unique niche in aesthetic education in the United States.

 At one point, esthetics and cosmetology were not considered separate fields until Elizabeth Grady challenged and caused licensing to be separated through the Grady Bill…a landmark precedent that changed the entire industry!

The school has high standards, achieving an 85 percent on-time graduation rate and an 80 percent job placement rate for graduates. 

Students receive extensive financial and operational training to introduce them to the business elements vital to successful salon management.


#4 Flavia Leal Institute of Aesthetics – Woburn

The Flavia Leal Institute believes that the foundation of success is a strong character built on respect, appearance, and professionalism. 

Low tuition allows almost any student to join an esthetics program to learn anatomy and physiology, cosmetic chemistry, and advanced treatment procedures. 

The institute also provides extensive business training to help students realize their dreams of independent practice – or even eventually managing or owning a spa.


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#5 Jolie Hair and Beauty Academy – Ludlow

Jolie hopes to guide students toward fulfilling careers in the health, beauty, and wellness industry through personalized learning that is enjoyable and focused. 

Experienced faculty helps prepare students for aesthetic positions, successfully helping 85 percent complete the program on time. 

They get 82 percent of employment.  Learning business skills helps students prepare for careers as independent practitioners or spa managers.


#6 Rob Roy Academy – Fall River

Rob Roy Academy prides itself on its diverse student body and staff, who are always on hand to help those who need additional learning – this can also be found in the school’s emphasis on community involvement. 

Students participate in various fundraisers and charity events, spreading the goodwill of the Rob Roy family to the community. 

With lower-than-average tuition compared to other schools on the list, the Academy represents excellent value. By hosting G.I., the bill provides benefits and reduces tuition fees for former military personnel.


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#7 Spa Tech Beauty Institute – Plymouth

Spa Tech’s esthetics program is redefining the industry, focusing on bringing professionalism to esthetics services. 

The school provides complete business training and comprehensive education in the latest skin care techniques, giving graduates a well-rounded approach to an aesthetic spa or clinic. 

Graduates carry very little debt after graduation, and 83 percent complete the program on time.


What are the Best Esthetician Schools in Boston MA?

#8 Jupiter Beauty Academy – Boston

Jupiter provides academic and hands-on instruction in advanced aesthetic techniques such as facial massage, eyebrow arching, and hair removal. 

The school has the lowest tuition of any program in the state and accepts VA benefits from qualified military veterans. 

In addition to the basic scientific and practical aspects of skincare, the Academy also encourages students to get involved in the local community. 

All students agree that Jupiter provides a rewarding experience that prepares them for success in the skin care industry.


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#9 Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics – Boston

The Hinds Institute is dedicated to providing the best aesthetic education in New England and the United States! 

Using the latest and most advanced skincare technologies available, the institute has a 100 percent on-time graduation rate and an 83 percent job placement rate upon graduation, thanks partly to a dedicated career services department. 

Graduates are definitely in demand throughout the country!  The low level of student debt ensures that graduates enter the esthetics industry with minimal stress and financial commitment.


#10 Aesthetics Institute of Boston – Boston

With outstanding instructors, small class sizes, and intensive hands-on learning, this school achieves what no other school in the state does: a 98 percent graduate placement rate. 

The advanced spa treatments taught at the Institute of Esthetics are popular with local spas and aesthetic clinics, ensuring a constant demand for new talent to graduate from the Institute’s Esthetics program.

Aesthetics Institute of Boston is regarded one of the best esthetician schools in boston MA.


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To become a licensed skin care professional, the state of Massachusetts requires completion of a licensed esthetician program, which consists of 300 hours of study and successful completion of written and practical esthetician licensure exams.

If you are an aspiring esthetician in Massachusetts looking to start your career in the esthetics industry, finding one of the reputable esthetician schools in Massachusetts with a dynamic esthetics program is a great first step!

In this school directory, you will find a complete list of esthetician schools in MA.  Featured schools are ASCP Premier School members that not only offer a great esthetics program, but also include student benefits provided by Associated Skin Care Professionals!

Esthetician Schools in Massachusetts FAQs

Are Estheticians In Demand In Massachusetts?

The outlook for cosmetologists in Massachusetts is positive.  Not only is this career expected to grow 5% through 2028, but skin care professionals in the state also earn higher salaries than other parts of the country.

How Much Do Estheticians Make In Massachusetts?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), cosmetologists in Massachusetts earned a median salary of $51,120 per year or $24.58 per hour in 2020.  This is much higher than the national average annual wage of $41,230 or $19.82 per hour for skin care professionals nationwide.  The top 10% of cosmetologists in Massachusetts earn $78,240 or more.

Can I Become A Cosmetologist Apprentice In Massachusetts?

Internships are not available to beginning cosmetologists in Massachusetts.  However, the state offers cosmetology and hairdressing at approved schools that can help you learn some skin care basics.


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