Coca-Cola Scholarship 2022-2023 for High School Graduating Students

Coca-Cola Scholarship also known as Coca-Cola Scholars scholarship 2022 is an annual scholarship program for high school graduating students. The scholarship is funded by the Coca-Cola Foundation Scholarship to exceptional students living in the US.

All You Need to Know About the Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship

The Coca-Cola Scholars Program scholarship is an achievement-based scholarship awarded to graduating high school seniors. Students are recognized for their capacity to lead and serve, as well as their commitment to making a significant impact on their schools and communities. With the 31st class in 2019, the Foundation has provided over 6,150 Coca-Cola Scholars with more than $69 million in educational support. 150 Coca-Cola Scholars are selected each year to receive this $20,000 scholarship.

The application for the Coca-Cola Scholars Program scholarship has closed. High school seniors who applied have been notified of their status via email. The application will reopen on August 1, 2022, for students who are high school seniors at that time.

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Level/Fields of Study

Coca-Cola scholarship is limited to only graduating high school seniors who are looking forward to furthering their studies in a college. The coca-cola scholar program can be awarded to students in any field of study.

Host Countries

The coke scholarship will be taken and hosted in the USA.

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Eligible Countries

The application for this coca-cola scholarship is open to these sets of groups; U.S. Citizens, U.S. Nationals, U.S. Permanent Residents, Refugees, Asylees, Cuban-Haitian Entrants, or Humanitarian Parolees. International students are not allowed to apply for this scholarship (with the exception of students at DoD schools).

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Study Abroad Programs

Scholarship Benefits

More than 150 recipients are selected each year to receive the $20,000 scholarship award.


Applicants must be:

  • Current high school (or home-schooled) student attending a school in the U.S. (or select DoD schools) who will graduate during the 2021-2022 academic school year
  • U.S. Citizens, U.S. Nationals, U.S. Permanent Residents, Refugees, Asylees, Cuban-Haitian Entrants, or Humanitarian Parolees – based on the guidelines utilized by U.S. Department of Education for Federal Financial Aid eligibility
  • Will receive high school diploma during current academic year
  • Planning to pursue a degree at an accredited U.S. post-secondary institution

Applicants may not be:

  • Children or grandchildren of employees, officers, or owners of Coca-Cola bottling companies, The Coca-Cola Company, Company divisions or subsidiaries.
  • International students (with the exception of students at DoD schools)
  • High school graduates
  • Temporary residents

Required Documents:

The following are documents required to successfully complete the Coca Cola Scholarship application

  • A high school transcript – There is no need to upload, email, mail, fax, or submit in any other fashion a copy of your transcript. While completing the application, you will be asked to type in your specific grades since your freshman year and their course levels. Having your transcript nearby will help you fill in this information.
  • Contact details – The names, email addresses, and phone numbers of your guidance counselor and principal.
  • A list of school and non-school related clubs and organizations in which you have participated since your freshman year as well as any corresponding leadership positions.
  • A list of honors and awards that you received when participating in school and non-school related clubs and organizations and the level of each award (local, state, regional, or national/international) since your freshman year.
  • List of volunteer organizations with which you have served and the number of hours served with each, plus any awards and honors that you have received for your participation since freshman year.
  • A list of employment during school and during the summer with a number of weeks and hours worked.

How to Apply for Coca-Cola Scholarship 2022

To apply for Coca Cola Scholarship 2022, follow the following steps;

  • Create a user account via the application page
  • Enter your email address and create a password
  • Click “Create a Profile”
  • On the Profile page, you will be required to enter this information: your name, email, address, and phone number;
  • Save the details and follow the on-screen instruction to start the “Eligibility Quiz”
  • Complete the “Eligibility Quiz” by clicking YES or NO to each of the question
  • If you’re eligible to apply for the Cocke scholarship, an email containing the application link will be sent to your email address;
  • For those who are eligible, you will now have access to five forms which you’re required to complete and submit to be deemed eligible for the Coca-Cola scholarship:
    • Biographical & High School Information
    • Community Activities
    • School Activities
    • Academic Information
    • Employment Information

Application Deadline

The deadline for the 2022 Coca-Cola Scholars Phase 1 application was 5pm Eastern, 10/31/2021. Applicants will be notified of whether they advance to Phase 2 as Semifinalists by late November.

The application for the 2023 Coca-Cola Scholars Program (open to those graduating high school in the 2022-2023 school year) will open in August 2022 right here!


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