What are the Duties and Responsibilities of a Warehouse Manager?

An ideal warehouse manager job description should contain the duties and responsibilities to expect, essential skills to have as well as monetary benefits of being a warehouse manager.

This free job description contains all of that and even more.

Some of the common duties of a Warehouse manager usually included in their job description include ensuring warehouse space is maximized and overseeing operations.

In order to perform all the duties and responsibilities of a warehouse manager, applicants are expected to possess certain skills.

Ideal applicants should be detail-oriented and possess good managerial and interpersonal skills.

Candidates should also possess good IT, technical and numerical skills.

In the course of this article, you will get to understand why these skills are relevant 

Candidates who hope to excel in this position should carefully read this job description.


What does a warehouse manager do?

Warehouse managers perform similar functions with logistics and distribution managers.

They are responsible for the incoming, storage and outgoing of a variety of goods and products in a warehouse.

Warehouse managers play an integral part in ensuring an efficient supply chain.

In most organisations, warehouse managers act as a liaison between suppliers, customers and transport companies.

They are also responsible for keeping accurate inventory.

Expert or specialist warehouse managers may be responsible for storing special products which have to be stored under specific temperature and conditions.

Specialist warehouse managers are usually employed in food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

They also ensure that warehouse operations are performed using best practices and in compliance with storage policies, rules and regulations.

Also, a warehouse manager is responsible for ensuring the security and safety of the warehouse they have been employed to manage.

These managers are in charge of making key decisions when it comes to inventory, distribution, transportation and logistics.

Their aim is to ensure efficient storage and shipping in a company or organization.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a warehouse manager?

In order to satisfy your employer, it is very important to have a keen understanding of your duties and responsibilities.

This is because they are the things your employer will expect you to do daily.

On that note, you can agree with me that this is one of the most important aspects of the job description of a warehouse manager.

Here are some of the daily duties and responsibilities of a Warehouse manager:

1. Maintain inventory

It is the duty of a warehouse manager to keep an accurate record of all available stock.

They are In charge of keeping records of all the incoming, outgoing and available goods and products.

These records are relevant for preparing warehouse operations reports.

They are also relevant for quickly detecting when the warehouse is out of stock in a particular product.

2. Adhere to warehouse policies

A warehouse manager is also expected to observe all relevant Warehouse policies.

Aside from observing them personally, the manager is also supposed to ensure that other warehouse staff comply with these policies.

This is important for ensuring safety and security in the building.

3. Staying updated with warehouse policies and technologies

In order to adhere to all warehousing policies, rules and regulations from the government and the organisation, the warehouse manager must know and understand them.

Therefore whenever seminars, training and programs are held, they are expected to attend.

4. Coordinate other warehouse staffs

The warehouse manager does not perform all these duties and responsibilities alone.

They work as a team with other warehouse staff.

As such, the warehouse manager is saddled with the responsibility of training and coordinating other warehouse staff.

5. Develop warehouse rules and regulations

It is the responsibility of a warehouse manager to establish warehousing policies in an organisation.

These policies must be targeted at increasing productivity, safety and security of the warehouse and warehousing staff.

Other duties and responsibilities of a Warehouse manager commonly featured in their job description include;

  • setting and implementing warehouse goals.
  • Supervising warehouse operations.
  • Ensuring safe, optimum and effective use of warehouse equipment.
  • Keeping records of all warehouse activities.
  • Act as liaison between suppliers, transport companies and customers.
  • Managing Warehouse budgets.
  • Training both new and old warehouse staff.

Although Warehouse managers and logistics managers perform similar duties, a warehouse manager usually pays less attention to organising and managing logistics.

What skills do I need to become a warehouse manager?

A college or university degree is not mandatory for becoming a warehouse manager but it is advantageous.

Degree in transport management, logistics, supply chain management or any other related field is preferred.

The minimum academic requirements for becoming a warehouse manager is a high school diploma or GED.

Employers always prefer employing candidates with a level of experience in warehouse operations.

The good thing is that the position of a warehouse manager is a leadership role, oftentimes, organisations simply promote qualified and experienced warehouse workers to this role.

Therefore most of the experience you will need can be gotten on the job while working as a warehouse worker.

Proficiency in bookkeeping and Microsoft office suite is advantageous.

What skills does a warehouse manager need?

It is one thing to have a keen understanding of your duties and responsibilities as a warehouse manager, but it is another thing to perform them properly.

This is why a good manager must possess certain skills and attributes.

These skills are also featured in a complete warehouse manager job description.

This is because employers look out for and give preference to candidates who possess them.

Here are some of the essential skills a good warehouse manager should have:

1. Communication skills

Warehouse managers are expected to communicate effectively verbally and in writing as well.

They should be able to relate both technical and non-technical warehousing issues to other members of the warehousing team.

Good communication is never one-sided, therefore a good warehouse manager should also possess listening abilities.

Because a warehouse manager works as a team with other staff, they should be able to listen to their recommendations and suggestions.

2. Interpersonal skills

It is also important for a good warehouse manager to possess interpersonal skills.

This is because they are expected to develop good relationships with suppliers, transporters, customers and their colleagues as well.

3. Leadership skills

So far, you can already tell that the position of a warehouse manager is a leadership role.

Therefore, it is important that they possess leadership attributes.

This will help them deal with other staff properly.

4. Problem-solving skills

Although nobody prays for problems, a good warehouse manager must be prepared to troubleshoot possible problems that may occur.

Therefore all warehouse managers must possess good problem-solving skills.

Critical and analytical thinking ability usually rubs off on problem-solving skills.

5. Organisational skills

Maintaining and coordinating activities in a warehouse requires solid organisational skills.

This skill helps a warehouse manager keep a good record of inventory and warehousing operations.

Where do warehouse managers work?

There are so many organisations who run businesses that require them to have a warehouse.

All of such organisations should require the services of a warehouse manager.

Some of the typical employers of warehouse managers include:

  • Logistics companies
  • Transport companies
  • Military agencies
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Retail agencies

Vacancies are usually advertised online or via radio, television stations and local newspapers.

How much do warehouse managers make?

The average salary of a warehouse manager in the United States is about $47,000 per year according to glassdoor.

Usually, their salary ranges from $27,000 per year to $61,000 per year.

The above figures are peculiar to the United States only.

Therefore they may vary depending on your geographical location.

Some of the factors that influence the salary of a warehouse manager include the following:

  • Location: warehouse managers who work in States or countries with the poor economy may not earn as much as those who work where the economy is better.
  • Employer: those who work for large organisation or companies are usually paid better salaries.
  • Qualification: Typically a more qualified candidate should be paid better than less qualified ones.
  • Experience: Warehouse managers are who have more experience may be paid better also.

Warehouse manager work environment and schedule

Warehouse managers usually work in offices, they may also have to regularly supervise the activities going on in the warehouse.

They may also have to travel at some point to meet with suppliers.

A warehouse manager usually works full time at regular working hours and days.

Whenever there is a need, they may have to work overtime and at weekends.

What should I include in my warehouse manager resume?

Your resume should be professional and contain anything that will be relevant for convincing an employer that you are suitable for the job.

You should include information like:

  • Years of experience
  • Qualification
  • Industry of experience
  • Hard skills
  • Soft skills

During your interview is advised that you may refer to the above information when answering questions.

Prospective warehouse manager is free to make use of this job description when creating their resume.

Conclusion: warehouse manager job description guide

Since you have read this article to this point, I believe you found everything in it beneficial.

If you have any questions, do well to leave in the comment session.

Companies can also make use of this guide to create their own unique warehouse manager job description.

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