Travel Agent Job Description | Duties & Responsibilities


The job description of a travel agent is targeted at helping individuals organize their desired holiday even with a limited budget.

Whenever people travel to a new country where they probably do not know anyone, they always require a travel agent’s service to navigate the environment easily.


Because they always have to work based on their client’s budgets, most travel agents prefer assisting affluent clients.

But, no matter the client’s budget, a travel agent will always be willing to help organize their trip or holiday.


Knowing and understanding your job description is paramount to becoming a good travel agent.

Clients, as well as employers, also prefer working with those who possess specific skills.

These skills and tips on attracting affluent clients will be discussed in this guide on the job description of a travel agent.


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What does a Travel Agent do?

The role of a travel agent is to assist individuals in planning and organizing their holidays. They advise what tourist attractions, events, and places to visit. Usually, they work with whatever budget is decided on and set out by the person planning the holiday.

Some of the duties of a travel agent usually featured in their job description include planning, managing the budget, and giving necessary advice about visas and passports. 

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What are the Duties and Responsibilities of a Travel Agent?

Although the duties and responsibilities of a travel agent may vary in different countries.

It may also vary depending on your employer.

But, irrespective of location and employers, most travel agent job descriptions usually feature typical duties and responsibilities.

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1. Plan and Sell Transport, Accommodation, and Insurance

A travel agent must plan and sell transport services like transportation and accommodation.

They are also expected to assist clients in booking transportation, making accommodation reservations, and, of course, receiving and paying for these services.

2. Work with Clients to Determine what they need

Travel agents are also expected to work with clients to determine their needs.

They study the preference of each client and, based on their budget, provide advice.

They advise on the best mode of transportation, destination, and cost.

3. Provide Necessary Information to Clients.

One of the responsibilities of a travel agent is to provide relevant and necessary information to travelers.

They provide maps, local customs regulations, and events to travelers.

4. Attend Travel Seminars

Travel agents regularly attend travel seminars.

This is to stay updated on recent tourism trends.

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5. Resolve Travel Complaints

They also receive complaints from clients and adequately attend to them.

Whenever it is necessary, they make refunds to travelers.

Some other duties and responsibilities of a travel agent include:

  • Use promotional methods and prepare promotional materials to sell travel guidebooks and tour packages.
  • Take records of all necessary data of clients.
  • Maintain statistics and financial records.
  • Meet set out sales and profit targets.
  • Connect and network with tour operations.
  • Carry out research to identify the best pricing and options based on the preference of clients.

What Qualifications are Required to become a Travel Agent?

Typically, a degree in any college or university course is acceptable.

But, having a degree in tourism, leisure, language, hospitality travel, and management is advantageous.

Experience in working with travel companies or agencies is a plus.

Multilingual individuals are also given preference when seeking a travel agent to employ or work with.

Travel agents are also required to know the use of basic computer software.

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What Skills and Personality suit a Travel Agent?

Most employers look out for certain skills to properly carry out the duties and responsibilities of a travel agent.

These skills are also featured in the job description of a travel agent.

As such, individuals aspiring to become travel agents must possess them.

Some of such skills include:

1. Communication Skill

Good communication skill is essential for every travel agent to possess.

As one, you should be able to communicate every aspect of your job in writing and verbally.

2. Honesty and Trustworthiness

It is also essential for a travel agent to be honest and trustworthy as well.

Tourists who have probably never been to a place will almost depend on you.

As such, you must be faithful to them and never try to cheat or exploit them.

3. Multilingualism

Tourists who do not speak the language of the people whose land they have just visited will feel more at home when in the hands of a travel agent who can speak their language and the new language.

As such, travel agents who can speak more than one popular or rather international language are always preferred.

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4. Interpersonal Skills

As a travel agent, you should be able to create and maintain good relationships with your clients.

Doing this will help you know their preference and serve them better.

5. Commercially Aware

This is an essential skill every travel agent should possess.

A good travel agent should have strong sales and commercial awareness.

6. Budgeting

Not all clients are affluent; even affluent clients still work with a budget.

Therefore a good travel agent should know how to work with a budget.

As one, you should know the most cost-effective way to satisfy all your clients based on their different budgets.

7.  Negotiation Skills

It is also necessary for a travel agent to have strong negotiation skills.

That’s the only way you can help clients stay within their budget.

This way, you can get quality things for a minimum cost.

All of these skills make the job easier and smoother. It helps you give your clients the best travel experience.

Some can be learned and even developed before starting a career in this line.

Or they can also be learned and/or developed on the job.

Whichever way, what matters is that you have them.

Where do Travel Agents Work?

Most college or university graduates enter the  Field as junior staff.

After years of experience and improving qualifications, they are promoted to senior and managerial positions.

Some of the typical employer’s travel agents are:

  • Cruise lines
  • Travel operators
  • Package holiday operators
  • Independent travel agents

Employers place job vacancies in local or national newspapers, travel publications, television stations, and online.

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How much do Travel Agents make?

On average, travel agents in the United States earn up to $36,460 annually.

Less experienced travel agents may earn as low as $30,000, whereas more experienced ones may earn as high as $61,890 per year.

Your pay as a travel agent is determined by your location, the agency you work for, and your experience.

More experienced and qualified travel agents may earn more than their less experienced and qualified colleagues.

How can I Gain New Travel Clients?

As a travel agent, your job is dependent on people who travel.

As such, you want to know more about them and gain their trust.

According to travel planners, here are some tips on how travel agents can gain new clients

1. Position Yourself as an Expert

Make people see you as an expert or specialist.

Most top travel agents or instead agencies have been able to build a record of professionalism and expertise.

As a result, whenever affluent or non-affluent clients require such service, they are always the first in mind, no matter the cost.

That is what you, too, should do, sell yourself as an expert or specialist travel agent. Who has great knowledge in that area?

2. Try Complicated Things Out

Most independent travel agents are usually afraid of engaging in complicated trips.

But if you keep avoiding complicated trips, how do you gain expertise and knowledge?

Take necessary safety precautions, but don’t be afraid to attempt more complicated things.

3. Seek Referrals and give Rewards

This may cost some money, but it is a very effective way of gaining new clients.

Give a discount or promise a gift to existing clients whenever they leave a great review for you online or tell someone about you.

And, whenever they keep their part of the bargain, be honest enough to keep your part as well.

4. Become Active on Social Media

The importance of an active social media life cannot be over-emphasized, especially for entrepreneurs.

A lot of people use various social media platforms.

Therefore it is a great platform to gain new travel clients; always advertise yourself as one.

You can also sign up for google my business, so people searching for travel agents online can easily find you.

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5. Get more Knowledge

No matter what level you get to, don’t get satisfied with your knowledge.

Keep attending travel seminars and training, and gain as much knowledge on travel as possible.

That way, you can confidently handle any travel situation.

How do I get Luxury Travel Clients?

Every travel agent desires to get luxury clients.

Most times, rich clients mean more money, more tips, and comfort.

According to travel market, here are some tips on how a travel agent can get luxury clients

  • Offer personalized luxury vacations
  • Advertise expensive and quality products
  • Become a member of the luxury travel consortium.
  • Mix, interact and connect with the elite.
  • Have charity involvement
  • Build good relationships with the middle class.

Your wanting affluent clients does not make you a gold digger.

It is business; a travel agent’s job description aims to satisfy clients and make money.

And in business, you want to make as much money as possible.

Summary of Travel Agent Job Description Guide

When creating a travel agent resume, you should include your experience, skills, and qualifications.

Never overlook the importance of referring to these things during an interview.

Don’t hesitate to use this guide on the job description of a travel agent to create that professional resume.

Although this article was written with prospective travel agents in mind, it can be used for creating a travel agent job description posting.

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